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Q: What is my benefit if I choose to work with Wada Group?

A: Wada Parts own the same quality with OEM as Wada’s factories were Previous OEM for some famous brand.Wada Parts own price advantage as the lower Chinese manufacture cost compared with other countries.Wada own strong storage and Logistics to short lead time and delivery time.

1. Equal OEM Quality  

Wada provide perfect replacement products for your Crusher,slurry pump and Parts, rubber sheet.and others famous brands equipment and spares used in Mineral processing plant. Whatever High Manganese Alloy crusher liners, High Chrome Alloy slurry pump parts, Red Rubber sheet, Polyurethane screen, Wada guarantee that first of all our products is fully interchangeable with some famous brands product dimensionally. Secondly, Wada products perfectly replaces with OEM products in qualitatively and even supplies more Superior performance in some case.

2.Competitive Price

Whatever you purchase a small wear part for your cone Crusher or buy a whole complete Heavy duty slurry pump to connect the discharge of ball mill. Price will be one very important thing that you can not escape and have to face after you confirming the quality. Competitive price that Wada supplied give our clients a ideal alternative choice when they face the so expensive original equipments and OEM parts. It creates a possibility for our clients that focus on high quality products to purchase these equipments or spares in a very low cost of ownership.

3.Short Delivery Time

In economic globalization today, time has become another important factor we have to consider about during buying process. Special in Mining industry, time just is money. Do you still remember how anxious you feel when your slurry pump parts get wear out and Weir Minerals can not delivery the parts to your processing plant on time? Have you ever faced the embarrassing situation when your crusher is needing a mantle liner but your order is still in processing at their factory. Now Wada make them within your reach by our powerful storage and logistic capability.

Q: How do build trust with Wada Group start at the beginning?

A:WADA united with AsiaInspection the largest and most authoritative third quality control service provider in Asia, carrying out international standards ISO9000 and SA8000 inspections before shipping to ensure product quality and protect our distributors investments. So you do not need to worry about your investments.

Q: I currently use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, why would I want to switch to an after-market parts (AMP) specialist?

A: Three main reasons: cost effectiveness, delivery times, and customer service.  We are able to offer you the same high quality products, but you don’t have to pay for the OEM name.  Our parts are guaranteed to meet your expectations at a justifiable price.Lower price does not mean lower quality.  Our parts are individually inspected to ensure maximum operating efficiency.  After initial orders all items can be stocked free of charge.  To you, this means same day shipping of your frequently ordered parts.  To ensure excellent customer service, we have on-site technicians, machinists, and engineers to answer all of your questions relating to operations, installation, and applications.

Q: Will you customize parts to match the specific challenges of our mine site?

A: Yes.  We understand that individual mine sites experience stresses unique to that site.  We offer customized solutions for you.  All we require to increase the efficiency of your existing product is:

  • Either a sample and/or drawing
  • A detailed description of the current application
  • An outline of what you are trying to achieve

Once we receive this information, our team of metallurgists, engineers, and tribologists will address your goals and work toward achieving them.  we will address the critical points, make recommendations based on the challenges of your application-whether abrasion, corrosion, or impact or a combination of the three-and determine the alloy, chemical composition, hardness, and machining tolerances which will resolve your problem.

In the event that a pattern is required, we will first check our pattern templates before constructing a  new pattern, so you are not charged for unnecessary work.  If a new pattern is needed, we will construct it and this new pattern become your property upon completion of the job.

With each pattern, you will receive a drawing of your new part.  Once you have approved the pattern and drawing, we will proceed with final design, manufacturing and machining.