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Wada Metal Wear Parts and Spares

High Chrome Wet End Parts

warman-replacement-metal-partsWada Slurry pump Metal Wear Parts is the ideal alternative Parts to many OEM Metal wear parts and liners.Whatever in dimension ,function and performance,materials,They are fully interchangeable with many OEM impeller,volute liner,throat bush,frame plate liner insert.The following 3 key points is our wada High chrome parts guarantee. 1.Accurate Composition proportion guarantee excellent wear resistance 2.Strict Carry out Heat Treating improve the wear parts performance. 3.Strict Manufacturing ensure same functionality as OEM Parts.Our Matal parts can fit many OEM Slurry Pump Such as Heavy duty Slurry Pump from 1.5/1,2/1.5,3/2,4/3,6/4,8/6,10/8,12/10,14/12,16/14,20/18. Low Head centrifugal slurry pump, Such as 100,150,200,250,300,350,400,450. High Head slurry pump, Dredge and Gravel Pump, vertical sump pump and so on. 


Wada Rubber Wear Parts Liners

Natural Rubber and Synthetic Wet End Parts

Warman-replacement-rubber-parts (2)Wada Group manufactures the most comprehensive Slurry pump rubber liners that interchangeable with many OEM pump rubber parts and lienrs. Whatever in dimension,function and performance,Our rubber parts will be your best choice to reduce the cost in both wear and corrosion slurry application.The materials of Wada rubber liners can be natural rubber, Butyl ,Nitrile,Hypalon, Neoprene,HDPE,They are fully interchangeable with Many OEM Impeller,Cover plate liner,Frame plate liner,Throat bush,Frame plate liner insert. Our parts can fit OEM horizontal centrifugal slurry pump Such as horizontal pump 1.5/1,2/1.5,3/2,4/3,6/4,8/6,10/8,12/10,14/12,16/14,20/18.  submersible slurry pump Such as 40,65,100,150.



Wada Polyurethane Parts Liners

Polyurethane Wet End Parts

warman pump polyurethane parts linersWada Group produces Slurry pump polyurethane liners that 100% can replace with many OEM polyurethane parts and liners both in dimension,function and performance.Polyurethane materials is your best choice for using handle the most wear and corrosion slurry application,as polyurethane can provide more wear resistant performance compared with transitional  rubber.They are fully interchangeable with many OEM impeller,cover plate liner,frame plate liner,throat bush.Our polyurethane parts can fit OME horizontal centrifugal slurry pump Such as 1.5/1,2/1.5,3/2,4/3,6/4,8/6,10/8,12/10,14/12,16/14,20/18.


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